EFO 25 years in electronic components distribution market in Russia
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since 1991

Company Overview

EFO Ltd. has been distributing electronic components in Russian market since 1991. At present EFO Ltd. has official distributorship and partnership agreements with many manufactures worldwide:  4D Systems, Abracon, Accord, Altera, Apra-Norm, Arch, Arteche, Atmel, Befact Technologies, Bothhand, Broadcom Limited, Broadcom Limited, CEL, Elektro-Automatik, Electronicon, Elhand, EnOcean, FTDI, Golledge, GradConn, IAR Systems, ICE Power, Infineon Technologies, Inside Secure, Isocom, IST, Itelcond, JDGA, Johanson Technology, Kemet, LEM, LM Technologies, Locosys, Lovato, Lumel, Maxtena, Maxwell Technologies, Mersen, Mitsubishi Electric, Multi-Contact, Nanotron Technologies, Neoway, OKW, Panasonic Electric Works, Phoenix Contact, Power Integrations, Power System Technology, Pulse Electronics, Riverdi, Recom, Shrack Technik, Sencera, Silicon Labs, SIR, Smith Connectors, Stollmann, TE Connectivity, Telegesis, Texas Instruments, Vicor, VIPA, WIZnet  and others companies. We have good business relationships with large European and US wholesale companies like EBV/Avnet, Spoerle/Arrow etc.





Headquartered in Saint-Petersburg, EFO company has also successfully operating branch offices in 7 Russian cities — Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhnij Novgorod  and Novosibirsk.


Among EFO’s clients are numerous domestic manufacturers of telecommunication and bank equipment, measurement and control systems, medical apparatus and automotive electronics, safety and security technics.

EFO dealer network amounts to over 3000 companies in more than 170 Russian cities.

We have our own warehouse located in St.Petersburg and support e-shop and online access to our stock on web site www.efo.ru.